Every business and resident in Illinois needs power to survive and grow. The utility companies understand that and take advantage of your dependance. Traditionally most think that you have to count on the major utility companies to provide you that power and charge you whatever they want. That mindset is what the pollutant utility companies count on when you get your bill each and every month. That is all you know, you are forced to pay the ever increasing electrical costs while harming the earth at the same time.

Iconic Energy, your trusted solar professional puts the control back in your hands and gives you the opportunity to reduce or ELIMINATE your electric bill by creating your very own clean energy. Gain your independence and allow us to install a high quality solar system that fits your budget and saves you money for 25 years!
The incentives in Illinois have never been better! Federal and state incentives pay for 70-80% of a solar system's cost. Take advantage of these great incentives and put the power back in your hands today!
Equity! having a complete solar installation will generate 15-18% additional equity in your home or business building. This added value is established from your predicted electrical savings over the next 25 years.
Every dollar you spend on your electric bill until your system is installed is a 100% loss of money.

Our sales team is current on incentives, rebates and promotions to offer you the best pricing available. We pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable and informed in the solar market. Honesty is the character we express the most. We do not pressure our customers. From the initial consultation to the completion date, we want to build and maintain a relationship with our customers.

We are available 24/7/365 for sales and support.