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Leasing vs Buying Solar Panels: What You Need to Know

It’s a great time to make the switch to solar and slash your utility bills. Renewable energy is more available than ever before and can help reduce your electric bill substantially. You can choose to buy your solar system outright or rent it from a solar leasing company. Which is ...
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Energy Awareness Month: 4 Steps to Maximize Solar Energy

October is Energy Awareness Month. This is a time for all of us to reflect on our energy usage: how it affects our planet now and the effect it will have in the years to come. If you’re reading this article, chances are you are already working to reduce your ...
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Will Solar Panels Save You Money?

What would you do if you had an extra $140,000? Are you tired of paying those ever-increasing electric bills? It makes dollars and sense to go solar! Are you interested in installing a solar system, but hesitant of the initial cost? Would you like to learn how solar panels are ...
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Hiring Solar Installers at Iconic Energy

Help Wanted! Iconic Energy Is Growing We are looking for a hardworking, dedicated, and committed Solar Installer to join our team. All are welcome to apply. Hard-working, great communication skills, can-do attitude, great client relation understanding, job site organization, safe work practices, and great attendance are necessary. We offer competitive ...
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How Does the Federal Solar Tax Credit Work?

Since the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) was enacted by the federal government in 2006, the United States solar industry has seen a growth of more than 10,000%. Renewable energy is more available than ever before, a win for the planet and the economy. Have you considered installing solar panels ...
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Snow on Solar Panels: Does it Pay to Remove It?

During the winter months we get a lot of questions about snow on solar panels.  Some of the top questions include:
  • Do solar panels work in the winter?
  • Should I get on my roof to remove snow from the solar panels?
  • Is there a safe method to remove snow?
  • ...
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