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So Many Solar Ads! Why is Solar so Hot Right Now?

So Many Solar Ads! Why is Solar so Hot Right Now?

We break down a real solar install and share dollar figures, savings and time frames for return on investment. At Iconic Energy we want to share our knowledge of solar and help you get the best deals. There are a lot of people selling solar right now, so make sure ...
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Leasing vs Buying Solar Panels: What You Need to Know

Is It Better to Buy or Lease Solar Panels? As a new solar shopper you may have started with an internet search for something like “leasing solar panels pros and cons.” If you clicked on Reddit, you would see a multitude of threads on this topic. They cover everything from ...
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Snow on Solar Panels: Does it Pay to Remove It?

During the winter months we get a lot of questions about snow on solar panels.  Some of the top questions include:
  • Do solar panels work in the winter?
  • Should I get on my roof to remove snow from the solar panels?
  • Is there a safe method to remove snow?
  • ...
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Will Solar Panels Save You Money?

What would you do if you had an extra $140,000? Are you tired of paying those ever-increasing electric bills? It makes dollars and sense to go solar! Are you interested in installing a solar system, but hesitant of the initial cost? Would you like to learn how solar panels are ...
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Hiring Solar Installers at Iconic Energy

Help Wanted! Iconic Energy Is Growing We are looking for a hardworking, dedicated, and committed Solar Installer to join our team. All are welcome to apply. Hard-working, great communication skills, can-do attitude, great client relation understanding, job site organization, safe work practices, and great attendance are necessary. We offer competitive ...