Why Solar Sucks! (Or Does It?)

Have You Encountered Solar Hecklers?

While manning booths at Home Shows this Spring, we encountered several “solar hecklers.” These hecklers would walk by our booth shouting:

“Solar sucks! Solar sucks!”

We were somewhat astounded at the degree of distaste manifested.

Curious about the cause, we engaged these hecklers in conversation. Most were more than happy to share their tales of woe about solar.

We heard of negative experiences and misunderstandings. In some cases, it’s easy to see why they had a bad impression of solar energy.

Three primary factors led to these unfavorable impressions. Let’s explore them.

1. Leased Systems: A Misunderstood Benefit?

The number one reason people had negative views about solar was they knew someone who leased solar panels. The allure of solar leasing is ‘no money down.’ This can blind consumers to the long-term financial implications.

People end up with two bills. One for the monthly lease payment for the next twenty years. And another for the remaining electricity from the grid each month. Often they save only a fraction of what they expected.

The problem arises from a lack of understanding of how solar leasing works. It’s possible the terms were not explained or understood. Sadly, these misconceptions contribute to the perception that solar energy “sucks.”

What does “suck” in this scenario is the lack of transparency and clarity from the Solar Salereps who saddled those consumers with the lease.

2. Deceptive Solar Sales Practices

Some companies’ deceptive sales practices also contribute to the negative perception. We heard about experiences involving out-of-state companies that disappeared once the sale was finalized.

These companies often subcontract the installation and then absolve themselves of any responsibility. This leaves the customers stranded if they have warranty issues or system malfunctions.

This has become such a problem that Iconic Energy created a service and repair division to help people neglected by their original solar company.

This reality highlights the importance of doing your research before signing any contracts. Choose a local company with a proven track record and a dedicated service department.

We always tell people to ask questions, get references, and compare quotes from multiple companies.

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3. Incentive Eligibility Misinformation

Individuals become disillusioned with solar energy if they discover they do not qualify for the promised incentives.

Credits and incentives could cover up to 80% of the system’s cost. However, qualifying for these credits can involve factors like eligible tax liability.

Sales representatives may not adequately inform customers about these eligibility requirements. Or they overlook crucial details, which lead to disappointment and frustration. Now THAT sucks.

Solar providers must thoroughly assess customers’ eligibility for incentives and credits. During the consultation process, it is essential to communicate any potential limitations clearly.

At Iconic Energy, we manage expectations and provide accurate information. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your solar investment.

Solar: A Smart Choice, When Done Right

The solar journey can have pitfalls. Avoid them by conducting proper research and partnering with a reliable company.

Solar power is a simple concept—harnessing the sun’s energy. However, the installation process requires a knowledgeable team. The team needs to have your best interests in mind. A good team will ensure maximum savings and the best value for your investment.

At Iconic Energy, we visit your home to evaluate your needs and explain the costs and savings. We include details about incentives and tax credits.

We won’t even bring a contract to that visit. A contract is only presented once you’re chttp://free quoteonfident and informed about your decision.

There’s no pressure, just a commitment to helping you make the most of solar power. If you want to talk to a company that cares, fill out our online form to set up a no-pressure consultation.