Why Do I Need to Provide My Electric Bill?

We will ask for your electric bill when you request a quote, either online or in person. Why?

Providing your last twelve months of usage gives us a better idea of how much electricity you use each month so we can build your solar quote accordingly.

For example, do you run the AC or a swimming pool during the summer? You’ll likely use more energy over that time than you would the rest of the year. Knowing this information helps prevent surprises down the road!

At Iconic Energy, we want your solar system to suit your needs exactly: not too much or too little.

Can You Give Me a Quote Without My Electric Bill?

Technically, yes. But think of it this way: would you go on a road trip without consulting a map or GPS? Likely not. After all, knowing the proper route to take and any potential issues up ahead could prevent problems that might ruin your vacation!

page one of sample ComEd bill

Likewise, estimating your solar panel requirements without first considering your historical electrical consumption leaves you without a reliable map of your energy goals.

We want you to have the best experience. Providing your latest electric bill helps streamline the process and ensure your quote suits your family’s electricity usage. We cannot properly analyze your situation without first knowing your usage needs.

If you have concerns about sharing your entire electric bill, don’t worry! You can upload the necessary information in several ways without sharing the actual paperwork. We have outlined three options below, two of which do NOT require sharing your entire bill.

3 Easy Ways to Share Your Electric Bill

  1. Upload a copy of your most recent electric bill

Uploading your most recent electric bill from your utility company is as simple as scanning it or taking a picture with your phone. Then upload it using the online quote form.

Please ensure the scan/photo includes your monthly usage information and is legible. To be extra sure, we suggest you scan or photograph both the front and back of the bill.

portion of online quote form where you can upload your bill

2. Upload a copy of the kWh graph from your electric bill

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your entire invoice, you can simply upload a scan or picture of the kWh (kilowatt-hour) graph from your most recent electric bill.

The kilowatt-hour graph is one of the most critical parts, allowing us to see your usage pattern. It’s your energy map! Your yearly usage is essential when determining how many solar panels your system will need.

kWh graph circled on a sample ComEd utility bill

3. Manually add a list of your usage – or tell us in person

What if you’re not able to upload information to the quote form? There is another way to get the information to us.

On our Request a Quote form, you will notice a section entitled ‘Tell Us More About Your Solar Needs.’ Use this section to manually type your monthly energy usage for the last 12 months.

screenshot of 'tell us about your solar needs' field from online form

You may also submit a request for a quote online and later send an email or call our office and share your monthly energy usage from your most recent electric bill. We can add the information to your quote and get started on your solar design right away.

Include Future Information for Your Solar Quote

The ‘Tell Us More About Your Solar Needs’ section in the online form is helpful in another way. In this section, please let us know of any potential changes you expect in your energy usage.

For example, do you plan to get an electric car with an at-home charging station? (This is a great add-on when going solar!) Or are you planning to install a swimming pool? Let us know about any upcoming additions that could significantly increase your energy usage.

Knowing this information will help us build a more accurate quote to fit your energy requirements better.

What if you’ve just moved into a new home or are in the process of moving? Our solar experts know what to do. Just add this information to your quote’s ‘Tell Us More’ section, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Switching to solar is an excellent choice for your home, business, or farm. We look forward to helping you put the power back in your hands!