Residential Solar Panels

Iconic Energy has completed more residential solar installations in Northern Illinois than any other company.  Our core principles are competitive pricing and attention to detail.

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Why Go Solar for Your Home?

Save Money

  • Reduce your electric bill for 25 years
  • Take advantage of 26% Federal Tax Credits
  • Free financing. Zero down, zero payments for 18 months!

Return on Investment

  • Fast return on investment
  • Can add up to 10-15% equity to your home


  • 25 year solar panel warranty
  • 10 year warranty on all other products

Save the Earth

  • Clean Energy
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Sustainable energy

FAQs About Home Solar Panels

Will solar panels produce energy in the winter or on cloudy days?

Yes! Solar panels will produce energy even if they are not in direct sunlight (on cloudy days) or the sun light is less intense (in the winter). Production levels will be lower at these times. But, as long as the panels remain unobstructed, the solar system will convert solar energy to electricity.

My solar panels are covered in snow. Should I get on my roof and clear them off?

No. Typically the snow will melt off the solar panels itself in short order. You don’t want to be on your roof in snowy weather. It’s dangerous for you and you risk cracking your asphalt shingles.

It’s rare, but we have seen it take awhile for the snow to melt in certain weather conditions. For example, rain followed by a freeze, then snow followed by days of fog and a week of cloudy weather will delay snow from melting off your panels. (That could happen in the Midwest!)

But that specific order of events is rare and typically snow slides off the panels on its own fairly quickly. So stay safe and stay on the ground!

Residential Solar Panel Installs by Iconic Energy

Roof & Ground Mount Solar Arrays

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