Solar FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions on the following solar topics:

Property and Roof Questions

Having your own solar system is a great addition to your home, adding approximately 4-6% to your property value. As more and more people are making the switch to renewable energy, having a house that runs on solar will increase resale value in the eyes of prospective buyers.

There is also no increase in property taxes in the states of Illinois or Wisconsin when you install solar panels.

They will not when installed properly, and we take every precaution.

  1. First, the condition of your roof is taken into account before we install anything.
  2. Second, any holes we drill during solar panel installation are sealed and covered for protection.
  3. And third, we are so conscientious about our solar installs that any hole we make in your roof is warrantied by us for 25 years against leaks!

You can have complete peace of mind that your roof is safe.

In most cases it does not. This can vary based on manufacturer, so if you are concerned, speak with your roofing company before proceeding with a solar installation. In the case it DOES void your roof warranty, be assured that Iconic Energy covers any leaks caused by the solar installation under our 25-year warranty against leaks.

Solar panels are a custom installation, meaning we work with you every step of the way – from design to installation – to give you the solar system of your dreams.

We will begin the process by showing you previous installations we have done on similar roofs, and you will get to participate in designing your own system. And while any change to your home is strange in the beginning, with time you won’t even notice the panels are there!

We will assess the basic condition and structural engineering design of the roof before we begin installation. Our permit process ensures that the roof will hold the solar system. However if you are looking for an assessment on the condition of your shingles or other roofing material before installing solar, we recommend you consult a roofing specialist.

Usually the increase is minimal but depends on your insurance company and the type of installation being done. If you are concerned, we recommend you check with your insurance adjuster directly for the most accurate answer.

In our experience, we have seen an increase of $25 per year on average, although some installations have brought an increase of up to $200 per year. It will depend on the type of installation and your insurance company’s policy.

Solar panels installations that took advantage of SRECs in Illinois are under contract for 15 years or until they produce the amount of energy they were designed for. If you sell your house within that time frame, the new owner must sign a contract to keep producing energy.

If you did not use SREcs, or already completed the terms of your contract, the new owner receives the panels contract-free and benefits from the energy they produce. It’s a value-added feature of your home.

Solar Cost Questions

Providing your last twelve months of usage gives us a better idea of how much electricity you use each month so we can build your solar quote accordingly.

Read more about ways to share your current usage and future energy needs in this article: ‘Why do I need to provide my electric bill?

This will vary depending on your unique circumstances. Visit this video blog to see the cost of a solar installation on a typical midwestern home.

If you’d like the real cost to go solar at your home, farm or business, fill out our free Request A Quote form and upload your electric bill. We’ll get back to you with real numbers and costs specific to your property.

Both Illinois and Wisconsin offer incentives to help supplement the costs of going solar. The exact amount varies by state. Iconic Energy Solar Professionals keeps up-to-date with all the current tax breaks and incentives. You do some reading about tax credits and incentives on our site.

When you schedule your free consultation with us, we will explain everything that is available to you.

If you’d like to do your own research on incentives, you may do so by visiting this website:

This will vary depending on your site and the type of installation you choose. It’s likely quicker than you think! For a more specific idea, please reach out to our team for a free quote.

Iconic Energy suggests flexible solar panel financing through either GreenSky or Greenpenny. They provide both short and long-term financing options. You can read more about them on our Solar Financing page.

Or you are welcome to arrange your own financing through other means.

Iconic Energy sells solar panel systems to homes, businesses and farms in our community. You can read about why this is a good investment in our article entitled Leasing vs Buying Solar Panels: What You Need to Know.

In a word: freedom. By installing your own solar system, you are putting the power back in your hands. Unlike some community solar programs, there is no fee in owning solar. You will be able to produce your own energy, save money and avoid rising energy costs. The benefits of future-proofing your home with solar are endless!

Solar Panels & Equipment Questions

Yes. It is important to choose a top-quality solar panel for your installation. How do you know you are getting the best panels for your investment?

Each quarter Bloomberg produces the “Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report” where they rate solar panel manufacturers by tiers. We only use panels from tier 1 panel manufacturers. Within each manufacturer, there are a variety of solar modules with varying specs. Please refer to our Resources page to learn more regarding the performance and mechanical specifications of our panels.

Iconic Energy uses Q Cells solar panels because of their quality, long efficiency, decades of experience in the industry, and their commitment to R&D and continued advancement. We offer several Q Cell solar modules. Learn more about specific panels on our Resources page.

The average panel weighs approximately 52 pounds, with a slight variance between styles. The average solar panel system weighs about the same as 2 inches of snow on your roof. We assess your roof for structural engineering prior to installation, so rest assured your roof is safe.

You can read more specifics for each solar panel we sell on our Resources page.

Solar panels, wiring and installation each come with their own 25-year warranty.

Solar panels are incredibly durable and can withstand hailstones up to 2 ¾” in diameter.

Solar panels are incredibly durable and can withstand hailstones up to 2 ¾” in diameter.

Yes you can, but there are certain considerations. When you meet with an Iconic Energy professional, it is important to discuss with us your solar goals and if you plan to expand in future. This will enable us to design a system to best suit your needs.

Not at all! Our solar panels are designed in Germany, then manufactured in Georgia, USA and South Korea. With this supply chain, there is no shortage of materials. We are ready to install when you are!

Yes. As the popularity of solar continues to rise, there are more and more recycling companies that are focusing completely on solar panel recycling.

Solar Installation & Maintenance Questions

Once we are able to begin onsite work, a residential installation takes 1-2 days.

The short answer is no. The way the panels are designed, rain will wash off any dust and debris that accumulates. If you feel you must clean your solar panels, you can gently rinse them off with a garden hose. Again, this is not necessary.

When we give you your initial energy production estimate, we take into account the slight variance that may occur from minor dust and grime collecting on the panels. You will be able to produce the amount originally quoted to you without worrying about cleaning your solar panels.

None! Other companies may try to sell you a maintenance program, but you should not feel compelled to purchase one. We monitor your system for any major issues. If we see any major issues with production, we will investigate and take care of it. This is covered under warranty and comes at no cost to you.

Your installation, solar panels, and wiring each come with their own 25-year warranty.

Why choose one when you can have both? At Iconic Energy, we can install solar panels and an EV charging station at the same time! Visit the website of our EV charging station installation division.

Solar Panel Performance Questions

Yes! Solar panels will produce energy even if they are not in direct sunlight (such as on cloudy days) or days when the sun is less intense (like wintertime). Production levels will of course be lower at these times, but as long as the panels remain unobstructed the solar system will continue to convert solar energy into electricity.

No. Typically the snow will melt off the solar panels itself in short order. You don’t want to be on your roof in snowy weather. It’s dangerous for you and you risk cracking your asphalt shingles.

It’s rare, but we have seen it take awhile for the snow to melt in certain weather conditions. For example, rain followed by a freeze, then snow followed by days of fog and a week of cloudy weather will delay snow from melting off your panels. (That could happen in the Midwest!) If you feel compelled to remove snow from the panels, first check our our video blog “Snow on Solar Panels: Does it Pay to Remove It?” for some advice and tips.

But that specific order of events is rare and typically snow slides off the panels on its own fairly quickly. So stay safe and stay on the ground!

This is something we will take into account early in the design process. When you contact Iconic Energy for a solar quote, we will produce a 3D satellite design and demonstrate the projected output for your unique location. This design will take into account shaded areas caused by objects on your property such as trees.

While south-facing panels are optimal in this area of the Midwest, you can install solar panels in any direction and still generate power from the sun.

When you contact Iconic Energy Solar Professionals, we will produce a 3D satellite design and demonstrate the projected output for your location. The direction your roof faces will determine how many panels you need installed, but it should not hinder you from producing solar energy.

Each solar system is custom built based on your personal electricity usage and desired utility bill reduction. If you have any planned increases to your energy usage, such as installing a pool or purchasing an electric vehicle, let us know during the consultation process. We also take into account how much space you have available for solar panels.

Get a 3D satellite design of a solar system in your space by requesting a free quote.