Solar Maintenance and Repair

Need Help With Your Solar System?

Solar panels provide a reliable and low-maintenance energy solution, making them a popular choice for savvy homeowners. Despite their resilience, professional maintenance is sometimes necessary to keep your system running efficiently. 

Whether you’re facing issues with your inverter, need a system inspection, or require panel removal for a roof replacement, Iconic Energy can address these needs promptly and effectively. 

Our certified technicians are equipped to handle all aspects of solar panel maintenance and repair, ensuring your system remains in top condition. We are authorized & certified to service solar products from SolarEdge, Enphase, and Fronius. 

Not an Iconic Customer?

Has your solar company gone out of business? Has your solar leasing company been unable to service your system for months? Don’t worry. We can help you in any of the areas listed below.


This is usually the first step in determining the solution to a problem. You can call us if you have any issues with your inverter or feel your system is not working as it should.

If you are an Iconic Energy customer, we monitor your system for errors and will contact you if we find anything concerning.

  • Phone call: Our troubleshooting process starts with a phone call from a technician to discuss your issue. Occasionally a simple phone call is all that’s needed to resolve an issue.
  • Onsite visit: In most cases, our troubleshooting also includes an on-site visit. During a troubleshooting visit, we will spend up to one hour doing on-site work.
  • Pricing: Starts at $300*
    NOTE: Iconic customers typically have troubleshooting covered under their warranty.
  • Follow-up: Following the troubleshooting visit, you will be contacted by phone or text to discuss the findings.

Solar System Inspection

Do you feel your solar production has dropped, or are you still experiencing high electric bills? We offer a complete system inspection to determine the overall health of your solar energy system. Even if you do not have current problems, we suggest a preventative inspection every three years.

  • Complete Inspection: Inspect all of the components, including
    • Connections
    • Electrical wiring
    • Junction boxes
    • Panel Assessment
    • Ground wires 
    • Disconnects / Fuses
    • Inverter
  • Pricing: Starts at $350*
  • Follow-up: Following the inspection, you will be contacted via phone or text to discuss the results.

*Prices may vary based on location, condition, updates, system size, and building type, among other factors.

Maintenance & Repair

These vary depending on what was discovered but can include:

  • Replacing broken panels
  • Repairing a malfunctioning inverter or an inverter with errors.
  • Fixing compromised wiring. For example, if the wiring has been chewed by squirrels or other pests.
  • Resolving issues with microinverters or optimizers

Follow-up: 1-2 days after the repair work, you will be contacted by phone or text to cover what work was done.

Detach & Reinstall Solar Panels

If your roof has storm damage, you may need to replace it. What about your solar panels? Iconic Energy can expertly detach your current solar panel system and reinstall it after the roof has been replaced or repaired.

  • Deal with insurance: We understand this process and know what insurance companies cover in these instances. We’ll even work directly with your insurance company, so you don’t have to.
  • Full service: Includes disconnecting and unbolting solar panels, mounting clips, and rails. We store them on your site and return to reinstall them later.
  • Racking system: If your racking system cannot be reused, we provide new racking systems at an additional cost.

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